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I work with people, just like you, who want a change, an answer and a plan.  Unlike many other therapists I have no intention of sitting there quietly while you figure it out - my theory is, if you could do that - you wouldn't be looking for help! 

You need someone who can spot patterns, identify flawed thinking, clarify your position and generate action that makes a difference.  You know that accountability for change sits with you - and you are ready to take action.   That is what counselling is for - to provoke positive action.

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 move forward  confidently




Are you at a turning point ?


People come for counselling, healing and coaching for a range of reasons:

  • a relationship went sour, or work threw a curve ball. 

  • lost someone dear to you, or lost your trust in someone

  • anxiety and sleeping is getting worse

  • feel lonely and sad too often

  • patience with the family is wearing too thin, or you have lost energy and passion for things you always loved. 

  • lost confidence, direction or self worth during recent changes.

  • or maybe someone you trust has said - "it's time, you need help" 




Perhaps there hasn't been a single incident - more a feeling of wanting something to change, that there could be something more for you to be doing or achieving, if only you knew what it was. 


challenge limiting beliefs

Get your current mindset clear - how have you held yourself back. Powerful change process.


rebuild self confidence & inner strength

By making the important, important - priorities are clear, and self doubt departs


honest & direct

The truth of the matter gets you to the heart of the matter.  resolution comes when you see clearly, and accept.

 For Those Ready for Change and Who Want to Grow

No obligation, no pressure.  Sonia will listen to your concerns and help you figure out what action to take next.  If we aren't right for you, we will help you figure out your next step.


understand how you got here

Sometimes you have to go back, to catapault forward.  Your history holds the key to growth.


a tailored plan for growth and change

Not just a chat fest - be  challenged to act, and have clear agreed action plan with support.


support and stretch

you will leave feeling an ally at your side, and more deeply trusting of yourself

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“Sonia's broad work and  life experiences have led her to provide most perceptive, useful and practical advice. I can recommend Sonia for her "switched on outlook" her ability to identify and deal with core issues and undoubted communication skills .”

— James F,

Commercial Litigation Lawyer

(note: testimonials are real, photos are stock photos for privacy reasons)

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" I have always found Sonia's coaching to be frank and honest - challenging this approach from her client. I have had the benefit of working with her for over 2 years and in this time have watched her effect smoother change.  If you want change.  This is the right person to help you"

— Bernadette A,

Communications Manager

(note: testimonials are real, photos are stock photos for privacy reasons)

Let's Talk!

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we will either help you, or help you find your next step.

Supercharge Your Growth, Relationships and Life


Addresses the thinking and beliefs that have brought you here, and intercedes in the mind until the right acceptance, understanding and action are clear - looks across your whole life for patterns and a plan

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Energy healing to support letting go, or picking up patterns.  Energy is used to adjust the emotional physical or thinking within the body and unconcsious parts of your mind - bringing greater alignment, harmony. working with Hahnemann (emotional healing), Concomitant (physical healing) and Mind Alignment. 

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Group and one on one sessions to bring a stronger inner frame, building self reliance, purpose and harmony between yourself and others.  Spiritual values are measured and identified with a clear path to build the skills and actions to strengthen your purpose

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A Spiritual approach to parenting where there are two main aspects considered
1. Parenting from the child’s point of view, supporting their emotional health
2. Free parents  from negative emotions which may affect parenting approach

Evolved parenting starts with values.

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Nurturing, refreshing and challenging.   Learning within a group is a powerful way to commit to change. Online and in person events.

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We recommend a reading with an accurate, trained medium as a way to supercharge your growth.  A medium can help you understand why your life is playing out as it is, and give you direct information from spirit on where your choices are likely to lead you in the future.   Ask us for a recommendation for an accurate medium with integrity.